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private HostService hostService; // code omitted ... /** * Tests {@link ProxyArpManager#reply(Ethernet)} in the case where the * destination host is not known. * Verifies the ARP request is flooded out the correct edge ports. */ @Test public void testReplyUnknown() { Host requestor = new DefaultHost(PID, HID2, MAC2, VLAN1, getLocation(5), Collections.singleton(IP2)); expect(hostService.getHostsByIp(IP1)) .andReturn(Collections.<Host>emptySet()); expect(hostService.getHost(HID2)).andReturn(requestor); replay(hostService); Ethernet arpRequest = buildArp(ARP.OP_REQUEST, MAC2, null, IP2, IP1); proxyArp.reply(arpRequest, getLocation(5)); verifyFlood(arpRequest); }
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